Medicare is not the only coverage you have available to you for medical expenses. If you have Medicare or will be eligible for it, then you can add one of Medicare’s supplemental plans, called Medigap, for more coverage. The Medigap plans for 2017 include ten plans carefully balanced to meet a large range of coverage needs.

These plans are only able to be used in conjunction with Medicare basic. You have to be signed up for Medicare to have access to the Medigap plans 2017. The coverage they offer is all in addition to what Medicare provides, so there is no overlap. Even on items that they both offer coverage for, their coverage is complimentary.





For example, Medicare basic provides coverage for hospice care, known as Part A coinsurance on Medigap policies. This coverage takes care of some of the cost of staying in a hospital, such as room expenses, daily care and similar expenses. But Medicare basic only covers a small portion of your daily hospice care.

Medicare Supplement Plans in 2017

What the Medigap plans do, of the ones that provide this coverage, is add some more coverage onto what Medicare basic already does. That additional coverage still won’t take care of all your hospice care costs, but it will greatly alleviate them.

This is what Medigap plans do- they find holes in Medicare coverage and fill them in by varying degrees. That is where the “gap” in Medigap comes from. Essentially, if Medicare isn’t providing you all the coverage you need for your medical expenses, you can look at the Medigap plans for 2017 and pick out the one that suits you best. Not everyone is going to need the same amount of coverage. You should take time to compare your coverage needs with what these plans have to offer.

So how do you choose the most suitable plan? You have to determine what medical expenses are too great for you to pay or that would be more affordable for you if they were covered in part or in whole by Medigap. Then find the plan that offers the coverage you need. But don’t stop there. You have a lot of choices when it comes to where you by these plans from.

Medigap Plans 2017

Individual insurance companies sell these supplemental plans, even though Medicare controls the coverage. The companies can decide on their own rates for the plans, and that can leave you paying unreasonably high prices for the coverage you need if you aren’t careful. You should try to get as many quotes as possible for the plans you are looking at signing up for. Then compare those quotes and find the best rate. That’s how you’re going to save money, and that’s the best way to ensure you are getting a good deal on a supplemental insurance plan.

The Most Popular Medicare Supplement Plans 2017

While there are several different Medicare supplement plans available for 2017, there really are just a few plans that most people enroll in due to their outstanding coverage and relatively low monthly cost. Those plans are Medicare Supplement Plan F, G, and Plan N.

Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2017

Plan F will likely remain the “granddaddy” of them all when it comes to Medicare Supplement plans for 2017. That’s because Plan F covers 100 percent of all the gaps in Medicare Part A and B, leaving you with zero out of pocket costs. There’s no coinsurance to pay, no deductibles, and no co-pays. It’s great coverage! While all companies offer a Plan F supplement, you must use our website to compare rates between them as they all charge different premiums for exactly the same coverage! Enter your zip code at the top of the page to get started, it’s easy and free!

Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2017

While Plan F offers the most coverage, Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2017 is quickly becoming even more popular. Why? Because Plan G is almost the same as Plan F exact for one small benefit which really isn’t even a benefit. With Plan G, you must pay the annual Part B deductible yourself each year. Plan F pays that for you.

“But wait! You said it wasn’t really an extra benefit on Plan F. Getting my deductible paid for me sure sounds like a benefit to me! And isn’t that deductible $166 in 2016? I like things paid for me!”

Ah yes, with Plan F you would get the deductible of $166 paid for you. The problem is, it will cost you MORE than $166 in premiums to have Plan F in the first place! In many cases you’ll pay as much as $250-400 extra per year for Plan F. Doesn’t sound so good any more does it?

Plan G also has lower rate increases than Plan F. Our recommendation is to always get rates for both Plan F and G to see how much you can save. Just use our free quote engine to compare the plans now.

Medicare Supplement Plan N 2017

Medicare supplement plan N is a lot like Plan G in which you must pay the annual Part B deductible yourself. After that however, on Plan N you might have small co-payments with each doctor’s visit but never more than $20. Also if you go to the emergency room and they see you, and you’re not admitted and you have Plan N you’ll be required to pay a $50 co-pay. This plan is great for healthy people or those not wanting a Medicare Advantage plan and freedom to have no network.

Medicare supplement plans for 2017 have a lot to offer you, and you ought to look at all of them and consider their benefits and drawbacks. Not every plan is suitable for you, as some may be a waste of money for coverage you don’t need while others will fall short of offering the coverage you require.

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