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We we have to say that one of the most common questions we get asked is what the best Medicare supplement plans are. People want to know what the best one is, and we can understand that desire. They want to be covered for all their medical expenses and not have to pay too much for that coverage, but the problem is that that the answer is not that simple. Finding the best Medicare Supplemental Plans for 2017 isn’t as easy as some websites and some people make it out to be.

The Right Kind of Coverage

In fact, it’s a pretty complicated undertaking and there isn’t a best overall plan. We can’t truthfully point to any one plan and say that it is the best one out there. That’s because people have different needs. Some people only need a little bit of coverage to have their healthcare expenses taken care of. We would be remiss if we recommended the high coverage Plan G to them just because it is incredibly popular. For the same reason you wouldn’t recommend a double baby stroller to someone with only one child, we can’t recommend a high coverage plan to someone who really only needs a little bit of coverage.

They would be overpaying for the coverage and they would never get any use out of the additional overage. It may make them feel good about the kind of coverage they have, and they might have peace of mind, knowing that just about any eventuality can be covered, but most people with the help of their doctor, can reasonably predict the kind of medical expenses they will have to deal with over the next year.


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They can look back at what they paid last year for healthcare and extrapolate their future expenses based on that. They can make educated guesses and try to figure out what kind of coverage would be right for them. They may not be right 100% of the time, but usually, people can guess what they will be paying one year ahead.

They may have no idea what their health will be like in few years, because most people don’t. But that’s why the plans are usually renewed each year. So, if you don’t like how your coverage look in the year going forward, you can just change it at the end of the term. That’s easy enough, and it gives you a chance to reevaluate your coverage from one year to the next, allowing you to get a new plan that fits you better when the need arises.

Some What’s the Best Plan for Me?

Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2017 (3)We still haven’t answered this question of what the best plan is, and we think that’s an important question to answer. People should know what the best plan will be in their situation. We can say in all honesty that the best Medicare Supplemental Plans for 2017 are the ones that cover you for the most expensive and most common medical costs throughout the year and that fit your budget. That may not be the succinct answer you had hoped for, but it’s a truthful one. Your situation is unique, and you need to find a plan that fits that situation instead of just going for what other people have found to be a good fit for them. They aren’t you, and you need to find a suitable plan for yourself.

We can help you do that, though. We want you to start by looking at what coverage you think you need. Take time to assess your current health and your current budget. Look at what you can afford to pay for healthcare and how much you are paying now. Then start looking at your options.

Consider the different supplemental plans, of which there are ten. See if any of them cover you where you need to be covered and fit into your budget. Remember to compare insurance companies to find the best deals on the plan you like.

You should be looking at the plan that covers your medical expenses most closely. You may not find one that is a perfect fit, since there are only 10 and people have a huge range of different medical and health situations they are dealing with. But you should be able to find one that fits you fairly well. It’s okay to have a bit more coverage than you need. That can act as a safety net for you and cover you in case something bad happens that you are not expecting.

There are plans available for every type of person. If you have lots of coverage need, then you should know that there are plans that cover tons of medical costs. These are the high coverage plans- F, G and N. they cover more than any other plan and they are ideal for people who go to the hopsital frequently or who have some serious health issues they are dealing with.

For those who are almost completely covered by the basic Medicare plan, there are some low coverage pans that offer you a bit of a cushion should you need it. These plans cost very little and cover very little, and they can save you money if you are paying out for regular hospital expenses.

The Best Rates

Don’t just look for the best coverage from Medicare supplemental plans. You also need to find the best rates. Once you have picked out a plan that you like and that you think covers you pretty well, then you need to focus on looking for great rates on that plan. You can usually find a few different rates that are applicable for the plan you like in your local area if you use a price comparison website. These sites are great for helping you cut your costs and get the best deal.

Keep in mind that the best Medicare Supplemental Plans for 2017 may be different from the best plans for the coming years. Keep checking rates and coverage to ensure that you are still getting the best prices available each year.


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